Imperial Guard for the Horus Heresy would be a cool addition for 30k. How they come out is still a matter of conjecture and rumors, and today Neil from Tykens Rift sent in some of his knowledge that he has gathered from talking to the guys at Forgeworld.

If you have not visited Tyken's Rift before, its well worth adding your line up of blogs to check out. He is already on the Faeit 212 BlogExchange.

via Neil from Tykensrift

Hey Natfka,
I read the post about the 30k Imperial Guard supplement and felt I should contact you to clarify it.

After many conversations with Forge World writers and designers, I can say that I don't believe there is a 30k Imperial Guard supplement coming. What I've been told - and from others closer to this than me - the next trilogy of Horus Heresy rulebooks (Prospero, Calth, Signus) will include rules sections for the Imperial Army - loyalist and traitor.

This will take the form of small expansions in the main book much like the Mechanicum lists in Betrayal and Massacre.

As a quick aside, I was also told that 'Signus' will feature not just Blood Angels and Daemons but Dark Angels in some capacity as well.

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