Finecast is definitely on its way out, and it was hotly contested almost from the moment it arrived. The first runs brought us tons of reports of bad models that literally had to be replaced. Since then the models have been better, and I for one have never had to return a single model. I know a friend of mine had one model that needed to be replaced, but beyond that I have had good experiences with Finecast.

(Above is a pic of my Asdrubael Vect conversion from Finecast models, which I could not have done in plastic or metal.)

I know of a lot of you have not. Even so, Finecast did have its merits. The models are lighter, easier to work with and customize, and because of that, I enjoyed my time with the material. Oh yea, and I hate working with metal. Finecast is even easier to customize than GW plastic.

This is what Finecast meant to me. No more breaking of model stems on heavy metal models (like the old Dark Eldar Talos), and greater freedom to customize models.

Games Workshop has an excellent customer service, and I know first hand (through buddies) that it took a simple phone call to replace models that came out bad.

We have all heard that many models eventually can sag, or warp, even possibly melt if they are exposed to higher temperatures. What I am curious though, is not what you disliked about the product, we all have heard this before, but what you liked about it.

So with that lets talk Finecast.

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