Dark Eldar News Dark Eldar News

Here is the latest Ive heard. It looks like we might be looking at a sept/oct release date. Lots of goodies. Follow the link provided. htt...

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Ard Boyz- leaf blower Ard Boyz- leaf blower

Well, the rumors have come in. Apparently people considered my list to be a leafblower list. In truth I wish it was, becuase I believe my l...

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Storm Raven? Storm Raven?

This ones for you. We've been talking about storm ravens and what they might actually look like. Here is a pic. Let me know what you th...

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Ard Boyz - Preliminary Ard Boyz - Preliminary

Well, its done. In the end I did OK. The first two players I faced were rather standard players youll find anywhere. I was slightly impress...

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Obscurement. Much to your demise. Obscurement. Much to your demise.

One of the leading dumb internet rules interpretations is how vehicles deal with cover. Yes I said dumb, let me expand on that. Dumb, ignor...

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Pew, Pew, Pew and the Fluffy Player. Pew, Pew, Pew and the Fluffy Player.

Pew Pew Pew. We all know the player or players in our local circles that fall into this category. First off, why play with dice if all we a...

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Ard Boyz - The Missions. Ard Boyz - The Missions.

Whoa, did we get a shocker today. First things first. The Internet if full of bad whiners, bad lists, and bad rules interpretations. Emphasi...

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A quickie on Target Priority A quickie on Target Priority

Something that seems to boggle most players is target priorities. Yes there are units you just must destroy, and sometimes these are hard to...

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Playing the freaking Mission!!! Playing the freaking Mission!!!

With ard boyz coming around, its time to say once again. Play the freakin mission. Yes, it seems simple. I myself, am the worst at this. ...

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