There has been a huge step forward in relations between the community and Games Workshop over the last so many months. Evidenced by the GW Digital Editions Facebook page, A move away from Finecast to the more popular and very high quality plastic models, and multiple formats for many products ranging from digital to print. It would really take a serious state of denial for someone to declare otherwise.

Today we have a sort of QnA with someone that is in the know with Games Workshop and is willing to answer some questions with anonymity. Of course I have been directed that questions regarding new releases cannot be answered.

So the topic is left open ended, but the primary rules here are this.
1. One question per comment please. More just bogs this down.
2. Be polite to our guest. Keep it civil.
3. Be aware that some questions just cannot be answered or will not.

Our guest will be coming soon, so give him/her some time to get here and respond once there are a few questions up.
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