Another set discussing how Games Workshop will move forward to phase out Finecast, and Forge Books to finally be sold in other languages.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via Tim on Faeit 212
Forgeworld plans the Translation of their Imperial Armor and HH books in other Languages like german or spanish.

When the new shop starts there be will also Forgeworld "Mailorder Only" products available.

There are Plans to produce special Characters after the end of Finecast in FW-Resin as another between solution.

GW plans to "Perfectionize" Plastic Casts.

GW wants first have all the White metal Products away from the Shop, nothing more is reproduced in metal. Each remaining Article is "while stocks last" and will forever gone. There should be no reprint in Finecast.

As already mentioned there are reprints in FW-Resin may be planned.
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