Escalation is just a few short weeks from arriving, and one of the biggest questions of course is D-Weapons. What are the rules going to be for them? If they are the same as they are for Apocalypse, then there could be some serious issues. The same can be said for hull points etc, but this rumor specifically addresses Destroyer Weapons in 40k.

Of course one way to look at these big apocalypse weapons is to look for a precendent, of which we have for the Aquila Strongpoint. One set of rules for 40k and one for Apocalypse. This is mostly likely the case for D- Weapons and superheavies/gargantuan creatures for regular 40k.

Please remember that these are rumors

via an anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox
Rumour has it that D-weapons on escalation will be reduced to S10 AP1. This can be more or less confirmed by observing the rules of the vortex missiles from aquila strongpoit which have 2 sets of rules, one for 40k and one for apoc, which are s10 and sd respectively
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