New Releases are starting to appear, and are part of the November Bundles that we first saw wind of back about a month ago. (yes I was a little bit over anxious today when i first saw this was up).

There are a series of bundles that are all coming out this weekend. Here is a listing of them.
Tau Firebase Support Cadre
Eldan Ghost Warriors
Space Marine Adeptus Astartes Stormwind
Creatures of Chaos Wastes
Dark Elf Warhost of Naggaroth
Vampire Counts the Restless Dead
Vampire Counts Crypt Scavengers
Tempestus Firebase
1 Aquila Strongpoint, 2 Firestorm Redoubts, 1 Imperial Defense Lines, and 1 Vengeance Weapon Battery

via a reader on Faeit 212
Just thought I'd let you know I spotted the Tempestus Firebase on Wayland Games website, heres the link:

looks like its going to retail for about $230 and includes:
1x Aquila Strongpoint
2x Firestorm Redoubt
1x Imperial Defense Emplacement
1x Vengeance Weapons Battery

Also it has an expected ship date of Nov 16th
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