Earlier this week we had a rumor that told us Tyranids are being moved up a month for a Dec 7th release. While this was simply a lone rumor floating around, there has been a ton of Tyranids rumors suddenly surfacing, including a leaked image. This would be rather odd if tyranids were still sitting at a January release, especially with a leaked image. Its getting difficult to tell exactly what is going on.

Some very solid rumors have it that Tyranids are not in the December White Dwarf, yet we are getting bits of rumors that are saying they getting are bumped up. So I have no idea if this means that the White Dwarf has changed, or if we will get a full Tyranid release where its not featured in the White Dwarf.

So while I still put odds on a January release, information from differing sources about Tyranids being moved forward seems to be filtering in.

Previous Rumor on Tyranids being moved up

Todays rumor, please remember that these are rumors.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Looks like I was a month out with Nids release date. expected release date 30th Nov -7th Dec.  Second wave releases got removed if you haven't already noticed. Expect second wave release's to start in approx 18-24 month after all codex's and army books are complete.

Christmas Bundles
Normally we have an army strike force box set each year, guess again. that's the new standard battle forces so be interesting to see what pops around at x-mas if anything.

I know I was told Orks for march this may well not be the case but could be May with the campaign release month being June.

Black Library Books
There's 2 new boos being worked on by BL. hints have been thrown at me of Iron Warriors vs Daemons (definitely Iron Warriors) also another SMB book, still looking into this at the minute. Authors unknown but artwork is rumored to be by the talented Jon Sullivan.
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