Continuing the conversation on Games Workshop producing models for Forgeworld in the near future, the topic of a new Games Workshop site came up. This rumor declares that the new site will come up in April or May of next year, and that Forgeworld products made by Games Workship will contain the GWCopyright logo.

There is definitely a lot in store for us in 2014, with Finecast being phased out, more plastics, and Forgeworld production ramping up.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via Tim on Faeit 212
FW-Products that are produced by GW wear a GW Copyright-Logo

FW wants to continue this to be prepared for the start of the coming new GW-Website (April or May 2014) and increasing sales.

You can see the first part of this conversation here

Here was what was said
GW wants to have Finecast gone faster than originally thought. In future releases even more plastic will come.  

Releases like the Dark Elves over 2 Months will be often.

GW is to also partially produce models for Forgeworld.
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