Stronghold Assault is the second of 40k expansions rumored to hit us in December, and with that comes more information on what this expansion might hold. There are combined fortifications into a single Foc choice, new upgrades for existing ones, and more.

As an Imperial Guard player, I look forward to these, and hope that the rumors of xenos upgrades are true, because I would love to add some of these, or their variants to my Eldar and Dark Eldar. With Escalation, these defensible locations are going to be a must for vulnerable armies that are not mech'd up.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Stronghold Assault adds a lot of Fortifications into regular games of 40k, and it appears most of the new ones are from the Wall of Martyrs sets. There are 17 new datasheets for fortifications.

Wall of Martyrs Imperial Defense Line is two sets of trenches for 80pts that only take up one fortifications slot, while a Wall of Martyrs Imperial Defense Emplacement is a single trench for 40pts. So there are lots of new options, that include multiple fortifications and brings them into a single foc slot.

Here are some of the new fortifications options
Wall of Martyrs Imperial Defense Emplacement
Wall of Martyrs Imperial Defense Line
Macro Cannon Aquila Strongpoint
Skyshield Landing Pad (can be upgraded to start a flyer on it)
Imperial Strongpoint (two bastions and an aegis defense line)
Imperial Defense Network (defense line, defense emplacement, imperial bunker, and a pair of vengeance weapon batteries) Can add quad-autocannons to the bunker

There are three new Seige War missions also included in the release
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