This week was rumor after rumor of some very controversial topics that ranged from Finecast to Forgeworld and more. Lets take a look into the future and see what lies in the cards his week.

Format change. There is often a lot that goes on during the week, and instead of duplicating everything here, I am going to make it a brief on what happened during the week, with links of course so that you can track down the entire rumor.

Also note that I do not rate rumors during the week, only here. This is because rating a rumor immediately when it hits, can often run amiss until some digging is done. Rumors in a vacum are often less reliable.

Latest News
Codex Inquisition Released
Space Marine codex Supplement; Clan Raukaan is now up for Pre-Orders
November bundle releases are available now. Great savings in these kits.

Upcoming Rumored Releases
Tyranid Codex: 6th edition Tyranid codex is rumored to be released on December 7th. If this is the case, it means that next week will be crazy with Tyranid stuff.

Stronghold Assault: A large 40k expansion to add multiple new fortifications into the game with new upgrades, and even combining fortifications into a single large one for one foc choice.

Space Marines: Ultima Edition: A new limited edition set with new artwork and 4 hardback books as one single collectors edition set.

Sigmar's Blood: A Warhammer Fantasy supplement that recreates Volkmar's invasion of Sylvania

Finecast and Forgeworld Rumors

There were lots of talk this week about the end of finecast, Forgeworld moving production over to Games Workshop as it goes more mainstream, and even of new plastics in the near future. For the most part there were 3-4 sources on this chiming in this week. I did notice some other small rumor bits on other sites this week, but they seemed to be mostly be repeating the same information.

Forgeworld Preparing For The New GW Website ***
FW wants to continue this to be prepared for the start of the coming new GW-Website (April or May 2014) and increasing sales.

Discontinued Until Plastic Equivalents are Done ***
GW is not producing finecast like before. Its moved to small batch runs, that they are only maintaining minimum stock on remaining models until they are replaced with plastic equivalents.

GW to Help Forgeworld with Production, and Finecast's Final Days ***
GW wants to have Finecast gone faster than originally thought. In future releases even more plastic will come.

Finecast Phases Out, Metal is Gone, and Forgeworld Steps Up ***

Finecast is Dead: More Confirmations on the Move to Plastic ***
There are internal tests taking place to cast some existing Forgeworld resin kits in a new plastic material.

More on the Future of Games Workshop Production ***
GW plans his free capacities (through the end of Metal and Finecast) fill with the production of FW-Models.

The Plans for Finecast ****
 It was just a middle ground for plans for indeed the prices in metal have gone up

Forgeworld Production Plans
GW plans to use freed production capacity (through the end of Metal and Finecast) with the production of FW-Models.

Future Games of Games Workshop

This looks far ahead into what can only be design discussions or the results of long term planning by Games Workshop. Four games in the future seems very logical, as they would play off of 40k and Fantasy, both with a more collectors version of each.

The Future 4 Games of Games Workshop ***
Horus Heresy will be the third System after Fantasy & 40k and become the "Mature" Game for 40k.

Adeptus Sororitas and the Plastic Thunderhawk 

The fabled plastic thunderhawk gunship made appearance this week, from the Throne of Skulls. While the rumors for the Sister's of Battle seem very plausible, the plastic thunderhawk is still more of an enigma.

Warriors Code in 2014, Plastic Thunderhawk, Sisters, and More **
Sisters and a Plastic thunderhawk are done.

Warhammer Fantasy

9th edition is very widely rumored and thought of among the community to be coming out with a new edition this coming year. With that some information about what the books will include or consists of have been showing up.

Warhammer Fantasy 9th Edition Books ***

No Rumors Beyond this Point
I am rating what I personally think of the rumors (not the source). This is based off of behind the scenes knowledge, what different sources are saying, and general logic and guesswork. It goes like this

5 Stars. If its got a 5 star rating, Although still rumor, its only so because nothing has been officially announced (These are on the level of Natfka either has seen this personally, or the Rumor Information is just undeniable and confirmed )

4 Stars is a very reliable rumor, and comes from someone I generally know to be in a good place, or the rumors match up well. These are not facts!, These are still rumors, and even great sources can have some information wrong on occasion. (think hastings-like, or close to that)

3 Stars, is a decent rumor. Should be looked at with some truth in it. An average rumor (most will fall here). Rumor based off of real information, discussion, or we do not know where it falls. (Like I said, most will fall here, and this is the baseline.)

2 stars. Most likely speculation, but sound OK. Every once in a while these have something (think Natfka doesn't really think this is happening, but ya never know)

1 Star. Way out in left field, and I feel that these are probably just wild speculation or made up. (think whoa, where the hell did this come from, and generally posted up because its fun, or Natfka was bored)
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