Breaking Rumors for December and Tyranids
This week has been a mess of trying to decipher what it is that is going to be happening next month. Today we are getting a bit of information to break through the mess, and reveal what lies ahead.

News of the Week
Clan Raukaan Space Marine codex supplement digital release
Chaos Collection
Black Legion CSM codex supplement hardback release
Holiday Bundles for GW

Breaking News and Rumors

I think we are finally getting down to the wire now on what December will look like, and this breaking rumor set is from a long trusted source here on Faeit 212, and gives us some answers that it looks like we can live with. This is great news in my book as now we can move forward into December. Personally I think we were just thrown a bone here.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212 ****
December Releases, Tyranids and 40k Expansions
Tyranids are getting 2 boxes (3 total units) dec 16th ish. 
These are for current codex models. 
New codex in Jan along with new models. 
Every (non special character) unit will have a box as of jan. 

December Releases

December's release schedule is looking something like this.
-Stronghold Assault
-Sigmar's Blood
-Hobbit Releases

Mid Month Releases
2 Tyranid Kits and at the end of the month pre-orders for Tyranids

There is a lot of information on what these releases will be. Escalation of course will bring Superheavies and Gargantuan creatures into regular 40k, and Stronghold Assault comes with new fortifications. Here are a couple links if you do not remember what these are.
Stronghold Assault-

via an anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox ****
-The Cover of White Dwarf has a Baneblade with Guardsmen beneath it above a crater
-Escalation: Lords of War is the cover story

-No Tyranids mentioned

Of course here is a rumor bit or two to help confirm these releases.
via musical fool on the Bols Lounge ****
I have had this confirmed that the supplement which will allow players to use superheavies in regular games is to be released a lot earlier than what we have been hearing about with GWSs getting their copy in the next couple of weeks/before the end of the year.

Khorne Codex 

The wildcard this week, this rather came out of nowhere, but was well done. Its highly unlikely of course, but you have to love some of the ideas here for Khorne and CSM for that matter.

via 4chan by Leakshop **
Khorne Dex
Can Ally with Demons or CSM

New Warlordtraits
New Wargear
New Missions (also for Apoc)

-Champions of Khorne (Berzerkers with +1 on A and Ld ) have “Butcher´s Nails” rule which gives 6++ & FNP)
22 Points each, can take Melee and Ranged Weapons and Juggernaut of Khorne for extra 30 Points each.

-Berzerkers are Troops and can take CSM-pods (like SM pods, except that they do damage instead of scattering when landing on top of enemy units)

-Lord of Skulls is in (Apoc only)
Models will be released in 3-4 Months along with the NurgelDex and Kits. 

-Chaos Terminator Lord of Khorne (clam pack)
-CSM Pod (repacked Pod with Spikes)
-Berzekers/Champions of Khorne (dual Kit)
-Deathshroud/Plague Terminators (dual Kit)
-Plague Marines/The Infected (dual Kit)

No kit for the Juggernaut version of the Champions
No Info on Nurgle

Warhammer Fantasy 9th Edition

Warhammer Fantasy is looking to have a good year in 2014, with information filtering in on the Rulebook contents as well as the Starter Set contents. This should give Warhammer Fantasy the good kick off into the new edition.

via Tim on Faeit 212 ***
Starter Rulebook
-Complete rules for Movement Shooting & Close Combat
-All special rules that are important for the contained armies (also Units from the Armybooks)
-Rules to create Scenarios

"First Game" Booklet
-Complete Rules of the contained Models (Profile, special Rules, Unit size, Options)
-Properly Beginner Rules (like 7th Edition Starter Set)

Triumph and Treachery is designed for the 9th Edition. The brown Cover design will be the same on the Starter Set.

Starter Set will include modular Snap Fit Models (Sword or Spear, Musket or Crossbow).

via Tim from the Faeit 212 inbox ****
The 9th Edition starter set includes:
Armies of Warhammer
-The book contains simplified lists for all armies with few options. (Complete Profils)
-Some special rules but less as in the Armybooks.

"First Game" Booklet
-Simplified Rules
-Rules for the contain Models (Simplified Profils and in the booklet used special Rules)

Starter Rulebook (see older Rumors)

Empire Army
-Captain on Steed (Sword or Lance option)
-Warrior Priest of Sigmar (Two Hand Hammer or One Hand Hammer & Shield option)
-5x Knights (Sword or Lance with Shield option + Commando)
-20x State Troops (Spear or Sword with Shield option + Commando)
-20x State Troops (Musket or Crossbow option + Commando)

Orcs & Goblins Army
-Orc Boss on Wyvern (Axe and Shield)
-20x Goblins (Spear with Shield or Bow option + Commando)
-14x Orcs (Choppa or Spear with Shield option + Commando)
-Goblin Ballista

Other Rumors This Week

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No Rumors Beyond this Point
I am rating what I personally think of the rumors (not the source). This is based off of behind the scenes knowledge, what different sources are saying, and general logic and guesswork. It goes like this

5 Stars. If its got a 5 star rating, Although still rumor, its only so because nothing has been officially announced (These are on the level of Natfka either has seen this personally, or the Rumor Information is just undeniable and confirmed )

4 Stars is a very reliable rumor, and comes from someone I generally know to be in a good place, or the rumors match up well. These are not facts!, These are still rumors, and even great sources can have some information wrong on occasion. (think hastings-like, or close to that)

3 Stars, is a decent rumor. Should be looked at with some truth in it. An average rumor (most will fall here). Rumor based off of real information, discussion, or we do not know where it falls. (Like I said, most will fall here, and this is the baseline.)

2 stars. Most likely speculation, but sound OK. Every once in a while these have something (think Natfka doesn't really think this is happening, but ya never know)

1 Star. Way out in left field, and I feel that these are probably just wild speculation or made up. (think whoa, where the hell did this come from, and generally posted up because its fun, or Natfka was bored)

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