I have recently made the change over to digital, and have been very excited and happy with it so far. However, like all good stories, there is a bump in the road, enough to cause some stress and dismay.

The Inquisition codex was just recently updated and of course I was all excited to get a first automatic update to a codex (yea I know I need to get a life). So I quickly pulled out the ipad, and hit update since it seemed the auto update did not go through. No big deal yet.

The update did not start. After hitting the button, that annoying little cloud appeared with an arrow pointing down, and nothing happened. So I of course tapped the cloud icon. Once again nothing. What did appear was a faded out Inquisitor codex with an updating bar along the bottom but nothing was happening. Not only did that occur and it was going nowhere, but I was not able to access the codex.

Reboot. No difference, with the exception that I got to do it all over again only to see a faded out codex with no access. So yes, I went through all the manic digging through my settings to find my user error, and rebooted probably 5 or 6 times.

Of course there was some good advice that you guys gave me in the comment sections of this site, and that was to simply delete the codex, and redownload it. So that is what I did. Now normally deleting anything kind of freaks me out, and when this happened I was dismayed that it too, did not fix my situation.

Now I had deleted it, only once again to be in the same situation as before, with a faded out codex and no access, not to mention a horrendously awful little cloud that caused more than a little losing of the temper and frustration.

Time to breathe. I am the kind of person that tries til I am blue in the face to fix something on my own before looking for help, and sometimes it causes more damage than was necessary. So had I lost my codex all together? Like I said I had deleted the codex and not been able to re-download it.

I emailed itunes for help to download the codex and update. It was to take up to 24 hours for someone to get back to me, and amazingly enough, I had an email response in about 3 hours.

Bernado your a rockstar for responding so fast, and fixing the issue. The item was reposted to my account, and a few clicks later, was back up and running with the update.

Games Workshop is known for their great customer service, and I was glad to see that itunes gave me the same great care and problem solving that I would hope for with a Games Workshop product.

Now next time, I will wont fight with it for so long, and just get on top of it with a quick email.
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