There has been a lot of talk that most models are moving to plastic, and with the codex Inquisition release next Saturday, there are no new models expected to be released. However, one model has gone missing, and this rumor bit discusses the models of Inquisitors.

Please remember that these are rumors. Also note that the model mentioned does not seem to be available anymore under Grey Knight HQ on the GW site, and was not under the product list of Inquisitors on the last White Dwarf Daily post.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
all of the metal/finecast inquisitor models are going to get updated in plastic shortly (although not in time for the digital codex release).  

However, it looks like we may be getting ONE metal-to-plastic update (with the ‘dex?), although oddly, not the one that is shown on the cover of the new ‘dex.  See the attached screen capture from my gift list.  The Inquisitor w/ Grimoire was available as early as last week – pre-codex 411.  Now it is not.  

Perhaps a coincidence, or perhaps a temporary thing, but I wanted to pass this along to you.  When you click on the product link in my gift list, it re-directs to the GW homepage, which is what usually happens with discontinued models from old links. 
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