We have been talking about GW's move from Finecast Resin models to Plastic for most of the week. Now other we are starting to hear whispers from further removed locations stating the same thing. Here is the latest rumor bits floating around the web.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via Larry Vela on Bols Lounge
Lots going on behind the scenes at GW - Look for a public announcement in Q2 of 2014 regarding Finecast:
-GW Proper gets out of Finecast entirely.
-Forgeworld will take control of all remaining Finecast character models.
-These character models will be the only non-plastics in GW's line until they are replaced.
-These character models will be moved over to plastic (and GW control) in time with plastic clampack resculpts. 
-There are internal tests taking place to cast some existing Forgeworld resin kits in a new plastic material.

It looks like the resin material is on its way out, and GW is sprinting as fast as it can to replace any Finecast non character kits from their entire range - leaving them as a 100% plastic manufacturer.

If you look at the past few releases, you can see the pattern.
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