With 9th edition Fantasy rumored to come out later this year, we have some more rumors as to the starter set and rulebook. Apparently Truimph and Treachery were written for 9th edition (according to sources) so it feels like we are right around the corner for a new edition.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via Tim on Faeit 212
Starter Rulebook
-Complete rules for Movement Shooting & Close Combat
-All special rules that are important for the contained armies (also Units from the Armybooks)
-Rules to create Scenarios

"First Game" Booklet
-Complete Rules of the contained Models (Profile, special Rules, Unit size, Options)
-Properly Beginner Rules (like 7th Edition Starter Set)

Triumph and Treachery is designed for the 9th Edition. The brown Cover design will be the same on the Starter Set.

Starter Set will include modular Snap Fit Models (Sword or Spear, Musket or Crossbow).
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