A reader today reminded me of my earlier days paying my way through school, working two jobs, and yet trying to find the time and more importantly money, for gaming. I will be the first to admit, there was a time when nothing was able to be purchased, I simply did not have the funds.

It's Only a Hobby
This is a hobby first and foremost. There is a huge draw, and I am guilty of it myself, of falling into the hype of whatever is new, that's just me. I find the hype fun, exciting, and anything to increase the possibilities of what I might fight on the tabletop is just fun. Yes, I love to list build, talk the latest shop, and get in games to try out new lists.

There is always going to be the latest and greatest in this hobby. Its an expensive hobby, and with the release schedule the way it is nowadays, we all look at the next army type, or the newest most powerful army, and of course want it.

Its important to remember that this is just that a hobby, and its not going anywhere. Its OK to want the newest models, the latest supplement, but its not necessary to enjoy this hobby. Yea, the latest new thing might stomp you one day, and you'll learn how to play against it. Tomorrow the latest new thing will be something different.

You don't need more models.

Use what you have, sit back and know that if you already have a decent sized army, you don't need to go all out and purchase everything in sight. This hobby is what you make of it. 6th edition is so flexible with allies, that really often you just need to sit back and adjust something small to work into the latest meta.

There are plenty of strong armies out there right now, and yes they can compete. The more options I see GW is introducing into this game, like the coming Lord of War, Stronghold Assault, and yes, Forgeworld. This is good. The top armies of the day, lets be honest Taudar, need the uncertainty of lots of options out there.

The idea that we need to control or know everything before we face it is a farse. Its one that pervades the competitive side of the hobby (which I like a lot), and gets people all up in flames when something new is introduced. In a tournament we often practice against the current meta, normally 2-3 main builds that we are likely to see. This is crap. The game needs to see as much variety as possible.

There is a ton of new stuff coming out every month now. I enjoy the heck out of it, and feel guilty if I am making others feel like they can't live without this or that. Remember that we dont need the latest and greatest every couple weeks to stay up on this hobby. If your budget allows you a few purchases every once in a while, that is fine. The hobby is not going anywhere.

My Own Stuff
Its getting late and one of those nights I am wondering what I need to get done to really work on my inquisition forces. Of course the standard applies, more paint, more models, but at times its important to just take a look at what you already have. Here is my inquisition where it stands.

yea, thats two Ordo Malleus Inquisitors, One Hereticus, and three Xenos (two with conversion beamers). Not to mention Coteaz, and an extra Inquisitor that is often fielded within the Ordo Malleus. Alongside that I have 30 plasma gun acolytes and their Psybacks just for shits and giggles.

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