Sigmar's Blood is a December release coming for Warhammer Fantasy that will be up for Pre-Orders this weekend with a release date of December 7th. Exactly what is it?

Signmar's Blood:   $41.00 USD
Signmar's Blood Limited Edition:  $85.00 USD

Below is a rumor that very much gives us a look at what this release is that was here 3 weeks ago on Faeit 212 on October 31st

Rumor Reprint

December Release: Warhammer Fantasy Supplement

So I bet you were concerned that we had no rumors for Warhammer Fantasy in December. Well we have one, Sigmar's Blood. Its looks like a story driven supplement to recreate a famous series of battles, where Volkmar the Grim invades Sylvania to battle Mannfred Von Carstein.

Please remember that this is a rumor. Salt is always required.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
December Release for Warhammer Fantasy
*Sigmar's Blood is a Fantasy supplement where you can recreate story of Volkmar's invasion of Sylvania
*Each battle contains rules that carry through to the next battle.
*The supplement comes with historical background and large hobby section.
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