I have had a couple emails that I thought I would share on the subject of whether or not Tyranids are actually coming or not in two weeks. Its unusual that things are this much a mess right before a major release. So I am going to leave the subject for the rest of the day and see what else can be discovered.

I might even have to take a nap, but will keep one eye open for lurking Lictors.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via Stickmonkey
I have lots of sources chiming in saying that Tyranids "ARE getting Dec models."
Now whats interesting to me is no one saying to me the new Codex is coming dec. And with all the other wishy washiness about what is or isnt coming it is making me wonder if those isolated rumors of a 2 month release might hold some truth...models only in Dec filling gaps, then Codex and new in Jan?

via an anonymous source
things are getting really confusing with info i'm getting and constantly changing. seems that a new game expansion is the next WD with hobbit due for release possible half way through DEC, nids set jan with guard following closely afterward. im just waiting to see now as this info change is driving me nuts personally.

via an anonymous source
tyranids are coming in december
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