Forgeworld is currently working on updates for which models can and cannot be used alongside codex supplements. I apologize that this kind of got caught up in the line up, and I should of posted this on Friday or over the weekend.

This is an email response from Forgeworld.

via Forgeworld in response to a  Reader here on Faeit 212
Thank you for your email. We're currently working on a FAQ update concerning which units can and can't be used with Codex supplements. In respect to the Farsight supplement currently -

You can take:
Alternate Hammerhead turrets
Goaded Great Knarlocs
Mounted Great Knarloc Herd
Kroot Knarloc Rider Herd
Heavy gun Drones
Drone Sentry turret
Sensor tower Grid
Orca Drop ship

You can not take
Any Battlesuit including the R'varna
Tigershark AX-1-0
Remora drone fighter

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