Finecast products were a temporary solution when the price of metal was increasing, and a stepping stone to what Games Workshop was going to be doing in the future. According to this bit, the fading out of Finecast was always going to happen, and lately we have been seeing nothing in regard to releases in Finecast resin.

With that in mind, I am imagining that Games Workshop has been constantly working on its plastics. Games Workshop already has the best plastics around.

Please remember that this is a rumor. It is also the relevant part of the conversation that took place.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
To cut to the point the finecast changes that so many discusses and brings questions if the displeasure amongst some is the reason. It was just a middle ground for plans for indeed the prices in metal have gone up. some might not see it when comparing companies but the production amount GW have is enormous.

The changes however was well planned but... the mixture to make the material and the production didn't go in their favor. The molding process wasn't perfect, it worked, but not perfect.Tests was made all the time even if people don't believe it.

I hope it sheds some light into the discussion. That it wasn't a complete solution but the stepping stone.

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