Tyranids are very much expected to be released January 4th, with pre-orders starting a few days after Christmas on the December 28th. This morning we have another set of rumors this morning that gives us a little bit of direction. I fully expect details to start very soon, as early as sometime next month, but to be in full swing by the second week of December. 

So lets take a look at the latest rumor bits for Tyranids and what will be the next codex supplement. 

Please remember that these are rumors, although are very probable as we have been hearing much of this for a while now.

via Bigred over on the Bols Lounge
-Tyranids kick off 2014
-An emphasis on making EVERY unit in the codex viable this time around 
-The army rules and theme are focused on adaptability of unit abilities and inter-unit synergy
-Emphasis on model releases will be to get out all the missing models in the previous codex
-Look for a small number of highly specialized new units to shore up 6th edition deficiencies in the army
-A new unseen big bug kit is among these

-Ultramarine Tyranic War Veteran Supplemental codex is the next supplemental book coming, to tie into the release and to provide worthy foes for the hive-fleets. 
-BOTH digital and physical versions out in Q1 2014
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