The next series of books called the THE ART OF.... are coming showing off several top artists and their work. Best yet these books dive into the artist's minds on how they tackle specific topics like Light and Volume, Planning Out Terrain, and Textural Painting. So much more from the best artists in the hobby that it is worth check out and jumping on board. The Kickstarter is ran by Dave Taylor. Check it out. 


Volume 7 – THE ART OF... Erik Swinson
Erik Swinson is an amazing miniatures artist from the US who has built an incredible portfolio of pieces, many of which grace the box covers of the miniatures painted. Erik's precision, speed, and eye for the unique set him apart as one of the world's premiere miniatures artists.

Volume 7 will include:
• Light and Volume – Bringing wonderful levels of depth to miniatures with tonal contrasts
• Color Choice – Using tried and true methods, as well as switching things up and pushing boundaries
• Collaboration – Creating truly unique pieces through working with other wonderful artists

Volume 8 – THE ART OF... Bjarni Dali
Bjarni Dali is a fantastic artist (and engineer) from the Faroe Islands who has made a name for himself with his elaborate Nercromunda terrain builds and skillful, grimdark miniature conversions for Inq28 and other cool gaming approaches. His weathering and detailing skills are amazing to behold and every project he works on receives a realistic finish.

Volume 8 will include:
• Work on Weathering – Weathering is best applied in layers, but how do you get the order right?
• Planning out Terrain – How you can plan out elaborate modular set-ups
• Creating a Moment in Time – What is everyone in your scene doing? And how does that support your overall story?

Volume 9 – THE ART OF... Katarzyna Górska
Katarzyna Górska (aka KAHA) is a spectacular miniatures artist from Poland. Over her many years of painting, Katarzyna has developed a very personal style that is recognized the world over. Light, Volume, Color, and Texture are all brought together in surprising ways to create miniatures and dioramas unique to her.

Volume 9 will include:
• Textural Painting – Looking at ways to create texture and emphasize elements in your work through deliberate brushstrokes
• Ethereal Lighting – How you can create a sense of light and volume, while giving solid objects an ethereal quality 
• Sculptural Basing – Applying wood carving skills to the world of miniatures painting

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