Every once in awhile its worth taking look at what is going on outside our community, and  "Solve This" is a game that JD Welch was involved in developing. He came up with the "engine", and the guys at JcT Designs turned that into Solve This.

I was able to take a few moments and test out the game with my 6 year old, and he loved it. Probably because he beat me, but the game is a great tool that is all about math. In fact the game goes beyond memorizing and recognition, to really understanding how the numbers go together.

To often I see parents turning to educational video games when there are games like this out there. Not only are the kids learning a game that really pushes their limits in understanding math (something that needs constant pushing), but it puts parents and kids together with more social interaction. (one of the benefits of tabletop wargaming vs computer gaming).

The games is now on its last week and a half of its kickstarter with a long ways to go. Supporting such an educational game like this is a great thing to do.

The game play is nice, quick, and fun for kids. You basically have a hand of numbered cards, and roll two dice. The goal is to come up different equations that will equal the sum of the two dice. That is how you score points, and the equations can be as complex or as simple as the child can formulate, so that there is a great and easy learning curve for the game. The more they understand, the more complex the equations will become.

The basic game covers addition and subtraction, while the advanced game goes into multiplication and division.

Of course I know a lot of you will find it interesting or entertaining to see my son beating my butt, so here are some pictures from our games.

Here is a playthrough from the Kickstarter page

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