Yea, I know technically its still October (the 31st), but December is going to be uniquely exciting. There are going to be not only one new 40k expansion, but 2. These are giving us some new unique options for regular games of 40k. Yes, these are for standard games of 40k.

Please remember that these are rumors. A little salt is always required. I will need both of these.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
There are going to be two new expansions for Warhammer 40k in December, both pointed directly at getting new options into your standard 40k games. New Fortifications and Super-Heavy options will become available to play without playing Apocalypse, focusing instead on regular games of 40k.

Stronghold Assault
*40k expansion for regular games of 40k
*Rules for 17 Fortifications like the Wall of Martyrs Imperial Defense Line and the Macro-Cannon Aquila Strongpoint
*Some Contain Several Fortifications that can be Taken as a Group that take up one Fortification Slot
*Upgrades for Fortifications and New Rules for Buildings

*40k expansion for regular games of 40k
*Full Rules for 16 Lords of War in a 96page Hardback Release
*Adds a new "Lord's of War" slot to every armies Foc
*Allows certain Super-Heavy units to be fielded in standard 40k games
*Destroyer Weapons
*Some of the New Lords of War
Tyranid Harridan
Eldar Revenant Titan for Eldar and Dark Eldar
Super Heavy Tanks for the Imperial Guard (several)
Khorne Lord of Skulls
Thunderhawk Gunship

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