April is in full swing and is a great month for 3D printers everywhere. 

Check out the latest from our range of Patreon's and Other 3d Printing subscriptions that are available this month. 

These are all monthly subscriptions on Patreon or other monthly accounts. You can also often get these after the release month on sites like MyMiniFactory or elsewhere depending on which company it is. 

The order does not reflect my thoughts or specifically the release order they come out. I will be adding to this list  and updating as the month progresses.

If you feel you know of a great company doing STLs let me know in the comments and we will see if they can be added to this.

Look for Printers Corner along the top right of the site.

This is new because there are always releases that are either that good in some manner (the wow factor) or are new to this article series Printer's Corner.

This started up last month, a Patreon from Mierce Miniatures.
Mierce Miniatures is well known for their miniatures.... and the cost of getting them. This bridges the gap and allows the 3d printers in the hobby to get a hold of these wonderfully sculpted miniatures. This is rather a great one to get in on, and each month they plan to release an entire Battle Host! 
At the end of each month or somewhere in between as they get their bearings, the files will be stored for you on Myminifactory.


Usually 3 Parts Each Month

(no Full Release Pictures, but lots to see by following the link)

Both Fantasy and Scifi

 Several sets are released each month. Follow the link to see them as they come out

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