There are three things that Sister's fans have been noticing and if there are more, please note them below. One of the largest sighs has been from the Cannoness... Is there in an error that takes them from "Meh, to awesomesauce?"   
Zion gave me a heads up about these late last night, so here is a brief look at them. If you would like to see more, just follow the link over to his blog at

via Zion over on Talk Wargaming
Armor of Faith
This armor is listed only in the Glossary and is said to give a 2+ Armour Save and a 4+ Invulnerable Save. It has one index link as well that redirects you to the Canoness page. The question then becomes is it lost wargear?

Yes, for some reason the Artillery rule can be found hiding in the Glossary despite their being no weapons with this rule in the book.

Ecclesiarchy Relics
Mace of Valaan is not among them is not listed in the glossary. This only further reinforces the idea that it's inclusion in the list is only to provide players who own a Kyrinov model the ability to continue to use him while and why the Arch-Confessor's fluff is now a small sidebar on Jacobus' page. Curiously the Mace does not replace a weapon at this time so you can easily take a bolter, bolt pistol and the mace on a Priest if you like for now.
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