Even more is coming alongside the Chaos Collection, a set of 6 new weathering paints. This I am going to be all over, since a little weathering is what my loose skill level of painting is all about. Now I can jump in and look like I mean it.

So yes, 6 new paints are coming, Nihilakh Oxide, Blood for the Blood God, Typhus Corrosive, and more.

Please remember that these are still rumors, as there has been no official announcement.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
GW is set to release 6 new paints alongside the Chaos collection, these include:

-Nihilakh Oxide, a wash applied to metals to give a copper oxide effect.
-Blood for the Blood God, a glossy thick red wash for applying blood to weapons etc
-Typhus Corrosive, a wash applied to armour faces to give a corroded effect.
-Ryza Rust - a rust-orange wash for mechanical/metal parts
-Nurgle rot - a thick sick green wash, you can guess the pattern here
-Agrelland Earth - a texture paint in the style of a corrupted ashen wasteland, like volcanic ash

Its nice to see GW catching with the rest of the modelling world to release some weathering paints!
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