Those that have been a part of Faeit 212 for a long time know this is coming. This site was based off of no drama and a positive outlook towards the hobby. This really has been a long time coming, as I have seen the comment section degenerate considerably, especially over the last couple weeks. So this is a notice...I will not be putting up with it anymore.

For a majority of you....... Read the following with some amusement, smile over your morning coffee. Even those of you (and I am sometimes guilty of it too), that have slipped into the negativity of late, just pick yourself up, and pay this no heed.

Comment Moderation Is Here
And here is the rest for those of you that want to hear me rant for one of the few times in the lifespan of the blog. About a year or so ago, I had once shut down the comment section. I did not like this. Readers did not like this, and I do not want to go down that route again.

Lets be honest here. There is no Corporate Greed, there is no I am out to ruin your hobby, and Games Workshop while they sometimes feel a little hard to interact with, are not here to destroy the hobby, nor are they doing that. If you believe that they are, and I mean truly believe that they are, I have no words to describe how little I feel about your slow decent and exit from this hobby.

So what have I been seeing a lot lately.... Comments, insults, and a lot of just hate mongering. Yes this is the internet, yes you have the right say what you want....... But Not in My House. I dont let people come into my house and piss all over the place, and I am not about to let people continue to do it on site.

What I expect
We are all in this together, and belong to the same hobby. If you feel the need to insult someone else's opinion, even if it is a stupid comment, there are lots of forums for you to hang out and do what you do.

Of course its OK, to have criticisms, or to have an opinion that you did not like something. I even like to hear those comments, but keep the relative to the subject. Avoid insults, avoid the "they are only doing this because of greed, they hate us", or similar nonsense.

Like what happened before, I am going to start monitoring the comment section again. Of course I will not be on it every minute, but the comments will not remain, and I apologize for those you that end up with comment casualties through this.

Please do not do this........
Time and time again, someone has went through and thoughtfully written out their opinion and then added one or two lines of trash talk. I do not like to delete comments, especially when there is purpose and thought behind them.

We have here one of the best hobby's in the world, and yes, I mean it. This is a world wide hobby, that brings people from all over the world here to converse about what we love and are probably overly obsessive about. Lets keep it positive please., and not let the very few, take us down the road with them.

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