This came out a few hours (about 6) after our article yesterday on an Ultramarines supplement. I am going to assume it is not just a repeat of information from here on Faeit 212, and a separate confirmation of what is coming.

Please remember that these are rumors, salt is required. It is quite possible that this is the same confirmation from our anonymous source here on Faeit 212, but please for now, consider it a separate rumor.

For the previous rumor, just follow this link.

via Spider-pope on Warseer
Ultramarines Supplement - 'Tyrannic War Veterans'
For once i have a little birdy, that hasn't left a mess on my shoulder, it seems that the Ultramarines will be receiving their own Company Supplement, focusing on the events of the war against Hive Fleet Behemoth and the 1st company. 

As usual, take with a grain of salt, but i'd say it's pretty much a no brainer when it comes to deciding what to focus an Ultramarines fluff book on, especially since the Damnos campaign is already covered elsewhere.
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