I recall a time long long ago, in the ages past, when we had only print versions of codices, or the dreaded brief moments in time shortly after that.... only one digital format... the ipad. How sad those times were, and how the populace moaned to be shone just the briefest moments light. It was a time of darkness and desperation.

Oh yea...... it looks like the current Blood Angels codex is soon to be available digitally.

via Sarah from Games Workshop: Digital Editions
Regarding a Blood Angels codex release
I can't give an exact date at the moment, but Blood Angels will be out later this month in iBooks, epub and mobi formats.

Updated with More Information
Games Workshop: Digital Editions
The Blood Angels book will only include Errata changes and things like hull points and unit types from the new edition. It won't have any new items, as that would make the print book out-of-date before its time. Sisters of battle don't have book at all the the moment, so we have a good deal more freedom to put cool new stuff in the codex. 

- Eddie

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