Planning out what you want for Christmas, or just some extra spending for December? Well this mornings rumors are reputably from the November White Dwarf and lay out just what will be in those Bundles for this year. So check them out, and I have included the price list in AUS dollars that were given yesterday. Sorry I do not know and have not heard anything on USD or any others.

Please remember that these are rumors, although at this point are very reliable, as the White Dwarf should confirm these on Saturday or a day before as people start receiving their White Dwarf's

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Tau Firebase Support Cadre
1 XV104 Riptide, 6 XV88 Broadside Battlesuits

Eldar Ghost Warriors
1 Wraithknight, 2 Wraithlords, 15 Wraithguard

Space Marines Adeptus Astartes Stormwing
1 Stormraven Gunship, 2 Stormtalon Gunships

Creatures of the Chaos Wastes
1 Slaughterbrute, 1 Giant, 6 Dragon Ogres, 2 Chaos Spawn

Warhost of Naggaroth
1 Black Ark Fleetmaster, 20 Dreadspears, 20 Black Ark Corsairs, 5 Cold Knights, 1 Scourgerunner/ Cold One Chariot

Vampire Counts Restless Dead
20 Skeleton Warriors, 10 Grave Guard, 5 Black Knights/Hexwraiths, 1 Wight King

Vampire Counts Crypt Scavengers
20 Crypt Ghouls, 3 Crypt Horrors/Vargheists, 1 Necromancer, Garden of Morr Scenery Set

From Yesterday's Rumors
Tau Firebase Support Cadre $400 AUS
Eldan Ghost Warriors $330 AUS
Space Marine Adeptus Astartes Stormwind $330AUS
Creatures of Chaos Wastes $315AUS
Dark Elf Warhost of Naggaroth $240AUS
Vampire Counts the Restless Dead  $190AUS
Vampire Counts Crypt Scavengers $215AUS
Tempestus Firebase.......... $270AUS
1 Aquila Strongpoint, 2 Firestorm Redoubts, 2 Imperial Defense Lines, and 1 Vengeance Weapon Battery

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