With the Horus Heresy Book 2 just around the corner, one tank stands out immediately to me, and that of course is the Legion Sicaran Battle Tank. It comes with the awesome Accelerator Autocannon, and can be upgraded to take along two lascannon sponsons for a marginal upgrade in points.

So what makes this tank great?, Its cheap, and the Accelerator Autocannon will just shred. Its a 48" S7 AP4 heavy 6, Rending, with rapid tracking (ignores jink saves). While its cheap without any upgrades, the tank compares closely to the predator with all lascannons. Hey did I mention the Accelerator Cannon turret is twin-linked?

In a few days, this is one of the tanks to be looking at. And dont forget to do just that, It is an amazing looking tank.

(information on the Legion Sicaran Battle Tank comes from an anonymous source on Faeit 212)
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