Stepped away briefly, but there are rumors to lay out on the future of Epic Horus Heresy. Especially seeing how something like Epic may expand into the future to reach M41. I would prefer of course that it jumped rather quickly, but time will tell. 

via a solid source on Faeit 212
The work on Epic began in 2018. Epic Horus Heresy will be the last production by GW with Jervis Johnson involved. Before he left GW in 2021, he was one of the Designers and an important advicer for those who work further on the game. He also was the biggest advocate within the company to bring the game back. This new Epic is his Baby like the past "Editions" were and will be part of his legacy.
Epic will be the first one of the "nextgen" of Specialist Games with others to follow. Like Necromunda the game comes to stay - they know how they will expand the game in the future. They have plans for expanding the Game out of the HH into the Great Crusade, M31, M41 ect. if the Game becomes strong enough.
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