Pre-orders are just around the corner for the upcoming 2nd wave of Dark Elves. It will be a very exciting release, and already quite a few people are looking directly at going with completely mounted armies of Dark Elves.

Today Games workshop has let loose a video teaser, and you can see that here on youtube.

Please remember that until we get something official, everything below are still rumored.

Pre-orders in 4 days on the 10/26 with a release date of November 2nd.
Here is the list as we know it right now.
Pricing in USD
Dark Elf Black Ark Fleetmaster $20
Dark Elf Doomfire Warlocks $35
Dark Elf  Har Ganeth Executioners $50
Dark Elf Scourgerunner Chariot $40
Dark Elf Warhost of Naggaroth $170
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