More information is flooding our way on the Relics of the 3rd company of the Imperial Fists. Alongside that Garadon the first character to come from a codex supplement apparently is a Tactical Squad upgrade, and moves the squad to fill a HQ slot. Very interesting.........

thanks to chuck_thunder for listening to the podcast over at 40k radio and letting us know what was it.

via 40k radio
The guys over at 40k radio have released some info on the relics. Here's a summary: 
1) Eye of Hipnoth? (transcribing from mp3), 15pts. Like an auspex (reduces a units cover by 1), but 18" range. If used against a building its AV is reduced by 1. The unit can still shoot a different target.
2) Angel of Sacrifice, 10pts. An upgrade for a chaplain's crozius. Same specs, but if he is killed in overwatch or in combat before his initiative step he isn't removed until the end of the combat, so still gets to make his attacks and buff the unit.
3) The Bones of Ausract? 25pts. Libby only. Gives extra warp charge and can reroll failed psychic tests.
4) The Banner of Stangundah? 25pts. Can be taken by anyone which can take a company standard. Gives counter attack and crusader USR. Units with same CT within 12" reroll failed morale and pinning tests.
5) Spartean, 5pts. Bolt pistol with ignores cover, master crafted.

Garadon is 75pts, upgrades a Tac squad sgt. Captain stat line, and his tac squad fill an HQ slot.
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