There has been some changes at Games Workshop. Of course I think of these are great moves forward for the company, but I will simply list out the couple noticeable changes and let you be the judge of it.

Games Workshop Digital Facebook. 
If you have not headed over here lately, you should. Talk about a positive front and contact with the fanbase. Eddie over there is fantastic, a wealth of information, and a refreshing breath of fresh air. People skills abound, he talks to his commentors on the facebook page like one of us. He gives and reveals little tidbits, and to be honest, I am amazed that he is able to do so after such a lock and key policy we have had for so long.

The GW Digital Facebook page is a how I hope this company moves forward. This is a fantastic hobby of ours, and Eddie and the others there that monitor the page are great. The Ice seems to be broken, or at least cracked. Check out the page if you have not already.

GW Legal Changes
There has been some changes over at GW legal. Gil Stevenson has either left or quietly let go from the company. For those of you that do not know, she was the head legal voice that was in the front row of the case against ChapterHouse, and the legal Hammer behind many GW legal issues against the companies own hobbyists. For those that want to know more...... simply follow this article from TastyTaste about subject.

Change is slow, and I feel we are heading into a new age for the hobby.
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