The Blood Angels are soon to receive a digital version of their 5th edition codex, and a Space Wolves are rumored to be a full 6th edition codex release here in 2014. So this rumor specificially talks about a dual model release of both Blood Angels and Space Wolves.

There has been no Finecast releases for quite some time, so if this is going to happen, it would mean the rumors of Finecast being phased out were incorrect. However with a digital release, its quite possible that we could see a limited release of characters and updates. Not to mention that they could be tied to another unknown release.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
that Blood Angels and Space Wolves will have the following new models in 2014 and may be released together. 

Mephiston finecast 
Dante finecast
Sanguinary Priest plastic clampack
Blood Angels Assault Squad plastic kit

Logan Grimnar finecast
Ragnar Blackmane finecast
Wolf Guard plastic clampack
Space Wolves Relic Battletank plastic kit
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