Yesterday we talking a lot about the new Space Marine Fire Raptor, after all it is literally an awesome model that is available for many different armies to use. It is for the most part a gunship designed to rip apart ground units, and in that regard, I was trying to find where an updated 6th edition rules were for the Space Marine Storm Eagle, a gunship designed to tear up armour (and move lots of troops of course).

Here is a link to yesterdays conversation about the new Fire Raptor if you missed it.

Here is a response I received regarding updated rules for IA2 6th edition and the Storm Eagle.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
The most recent generic printing is in aeronautica. 
It was also reprinted in Fall of Orpheus, including a Minotaur only "Roc Pattern."
It will be getting rules for not variants in IA 2: Forces of the Space Marines 6th edition in about 1 month. 

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