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Never before has such a force been assembled for one battle in this area. 100,000 points have come together to create a level of destruction on an unprecedented scale. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to see the best models of apocalypse and Forge World that you only normally see online. This game will feature over 30 apocalypse models including titans, stompas, greater daemons, a thunderhawk, primarchs, and more! And while you are here take a chance to peruse one of the biggest 40k selections in the state. 

This game is so incredible that a custom mission was written just for it along with a custom table layout. So get some friends together and head out to And Books Too to see the combined might of the Tau, Eldar, Orks, Necrons, and Chaos ally together to do battle with the Imperial Guard, Space Wolves, Salamanders, Blood Angels, Minotaurs, and Imperial Fists over the fate of Hydra Cordatus, the home of the famous citadel built by Rogal Dorn himself, Tor Christo.

The Fortress: Tor Christo is a marvel of defensive engineering. Built by Rogal Dorn to house the entire geneseed stores of the Imperial Fists, it also contains a reliquary that stores some of the most treasured relics of the Imperium. The fortress itself consists of three sections. The outermost section is a trenchline. The middle section is the outer wall of the fortress, and it is protected by void shields and emplaced Destroyer Laser batteries. The innermost section is the reliquary itself. This sanctum is housed within an Aquila Strongpoint, and the strongpoint itself is protected by a shield generator. This generator is powered by two generator substations, each of which is located off-world in a secret base. As long as only one of the substations is operational the shield generator will be functional.

The Layout: Hydra Cordatus is an 8’x6’ table, with table edges being the 8 ft edge. The two secret off-world bases are each 4’x6’ tables.

The Mission: Plunder the reliquary. Steal the geneseed. Kill the loyalists. (the relic with a twist) The Objective: The assaulting team must capture the xeno tech (the relic). The Twist: The relic is held in an ultra-secure citadel, and the citadel has a power shield over it that must be deactivated before the enemy can enter the citadel. The power shield is controlled by two shield generator substations, one per smaller table. The assaulting force must control BOTH generators at the end of a round to deactivate the shield, but the defending team can reactivate the shield by retaking ONE of the generators. 

Victory Conditions: The game ends in victory for the assaulting team if one of two things happens. 1. An assaulting unit possesses the relic at the end of the time limit OR 2. An enemy unit with deepstrike ability teleports off the planet while holding the relic. The defenders win if they prevent these from happening. The relic is considered possessed if an enemy infantry, bike, or jet bike unit makes contact with the inner citadel door. The Deployment: Defenders deploy first, as they have home field advantage. Deployment follows the rules for the final assault apoc mission. The twist is that they must decide how many forces to deploy to protect their generators, but with the following provisions. The defenders must deploy at least half of their units to start the game, and for every unit placed on a smaller table they must also place a unit on the main table. Assaulting team can deploy their units on whichever planet they choose, but the restriction is that there can be NO super-heavy or gargantuan creatures deployed by either team on the smaller planets. Their lust for glory will see them vie for the relic. 

First Turn: The assaulting team goes first. The Time Limit: 12 hours. Scheduled Breaks: Every 2 rounds. 

Unnatural Disaster Tables: Each table can have its own disaster table. This mission will see one from Pandorax, Damnos, and the main apoc book. 

Special Rules: Beam me up, Scotty!: Due to the value of the target, both sides have an interest in having their key units supremely mobile. All deepstriking units that deepstrike by teleportation or warp travel can deepstrike every turn

Date: December 7, 2013
Time: 9:00 AM-10:00 pm
Place: And Books Too, 3315 Johnston Street, Lafayette LA, Terra, Sol System
Phone: (337) 984-3405

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