This week we have a full house of new blogs to feature for the Faeit 212 BlogExchange, and it is probably apparent that I need to sit down and do a second feature this week. The BlogExchange here is important in that it helps unify and gather our hobbyist's from around the world, and showcases their own models, lists, ideas and other aspects of our hobby.

If youve submitted your blog and not yet heard from me, do not worry, your next up.

So what is the Blog Exchange? It is basically an exchange of blogs on each others blog rolls. Its that simple. The search engine beneath the blog roll is also set so that readers may do a search on all the blogs on the exchange for whatever it is that they are interested in. So if your blog is being added, Mondays is when I spotlight each new blog to the exchange. The purpose of the Faeit 212 BlogExchange is to generate traffic and ideas to the wider community of Warhammer related blogs around the world.

The Screaming Claws
by BangBangTequila

Jugger's Garage
by Jugger

Nusquams' Blog from Nowhere 
by SYeti

by Dunedon

Warhammer 39,999 Kickin it Old School
by Rob Barnett

Blogging Tip of the Week
Keep it Real, Mistakes happen.
There are sites that I used to read a lot before I started blogging, and for a while afterwards. One thing I started to notice is that these authors were not being truthful, either with what they knew, contacts they had, or the games they were playing. Most of these sites do not last long, or run their course and are gone, although some are still going. Its important when running a site that you understand you cannot be the all encompassing know everything person. If you are, or think you are, well..... you just wont understand my point.

Be truthful with your writing. Even in the mistakes. There are many times when I have posted something only to realize later on that what I wrote or posted was complete crap. Don't get hung up on the mistakes, I don't even delete them as I am not trying to hide from them(although I try and put a warning with them on what happened). Only the times where I deem that keeping the article up would be damaging or so misleading, do I remove them. I have no problems making mistakes. You should not either.

So be real, keep it positive, and I believe that your readers will see that.

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