When I first did the review on these cases, the question came up several times, "Just how much can I fit into these cases". So I was up to the challenge to find out if my Inquistion Mechanized forces would fit into a single Tyrant or Dreadnought case. (they are the same size, the Dreadnought is the armoured reinforced version).

As you can see in the pic above, it can hold a large number of tanks. In fact, I have 10 razorbacks (without turrets in place but inside the vehicles, and 10 chimeras (with turrets along the side). So yes, I was able to fit 20 vehicles, and when it came to infantry models, 72 individual models.

Tyrant or Dreadnought case
20 tanks: razorback-rhinos/ Chimeras
72 infantry
The case in the above pic is the armoured up Tabletop Tyrant Dreadnought case with two standard infantry trays, and two large tank trays.

If you missed the video review of these cases, here it is, along with a link to the text version, and some additional pics. 

I am really liking these cases. I was a little surprised that I was able to hold this many tanks. Of course if you are to squeeze that many tanks into it, I would suggest using the Dreadnought case over the tyrant for that extra protection. This case easily will transport 2500pts or more. 

 linkage to the previous review

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