Tabletop Tyrant is a company that makes cases that are affordable, easy to use, and durable. I had the opportunity to take a look at the three cases, including the most popular Tyrant.

The first thing I noticed is that the canvas is durable, the straps and clasps are strong. There are three different cases that Tabletop Tyrant makes, with both the Tyrant and the Dreadnought being customizable with different tray selections. The online build a case is very easy to use, and takes only a few moments do.

The Kingmaker holds 4 trays, and sells for around $45USD or £28.70. With 4 standard infantry trays, it easily holds 144 models.

The Tyrant holds a large amount of models, and I can see it easily holding 1500pts or more of 40k. The top/side loading makes it easy to get in and out of, and I can see this being the staple of a gamers cases for his army. It holds up to 8 standard trays, but of course this case is large enough for the vehicle trays, and in the video I have 2 large vehicle trays in the case, alongside two standard infantry. The Tyrant retails for around $65 USD or £41.00.

The Dreadnought is the same size as the Tyrant, is very similar with the exception that it is armoured for extra protection and comes with extra pockets along the outside and a nice full sized pocket on the inside (that fits hardcover codices just perfect. The Dreadnought is currently selling around $108USD or £65.

The number one thing that will make you take a good look at these cases is the price. Literally for just over a $100 USD you can get yourself a Tyrant and a Kingmaker. One to hold your larger models, and the other to hold your infantry. The construction is solid, and I think that if you are looking for a case, that these should be on your list to take a look at.

Below is an overview of the company and their cases, including word that they are working on a new 4 layer case that will retail for £20.00.

Overview of Tabletop Tyrant Cases
via Tabletop Tyrant
Website -|figure-cases-and-accessories|tabletop-tyrant-foam-and-cases/

Overview: Tabletop Tyrant produces excellent value for money cases with customizatable foam load-outs to suit your requirements. Cases are available through our retail store or our online distributor []

Available Cases: Cases are made of high quality canvas, come with carry handles and shoulder straps. We currently have 3 types of cases one that holds 4 layers of foam, and 2 that hold 8 layers of foam. We also have another 4 layer case in development that will be entering the budget end of the market, we hope it will cost just

Foam Type: Tabletop Tyrant trays are made of semi-rigid open grey foam, with a 8mm bottom pad. Trays are available in pick'n'pluck, pre-cut.

Available Trays: 10 types with more in development. Standard Tray Measurement: 370 mm x 265mm x 28mm holding 36 28mm scale infantry models.

Standard Figure Tray Cost: £4.50 GBP or $7 USD

Standard Case Cost: Kingmaker Army Case (holding 144 standard figs) = £28.70 with a full foam loadout. Our number one selling Tyrant Army figure case is only £41.00 with a full foam loadout (holding 288 standard figures)

Other: All our trays are produced in house in the UK in our production facility. We do accept bulk orders and have supplied board game manufacturers with foam in the past.
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