Quite a busy week going on, and of course the site this coming week has a lot coming to it. So while I am wrapping up this week, it will be a busy week on the site.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly (unless I forget) editorial. Most of the time, I am reporting what other people are saying, and doing, and this is my chance to talk about what I am thinking or is going on here in my own little corner of the globe.

Freedom of Speech and the Comments Section
I want to quickly address a friend of mines suggestion that if I edit the comments I am censoring peoples right to free speech. this is the post from earlier if you missed it
Thank you for all the positive support I have heard since this post.

First of all, if you are in the United States (I can only speak of the US since I am from here), Free Speech as protected by the first Amendment of the Constitution of the United States does not give you the right to say anything you want the moment it comes to you.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

So no, by me moderating the comment section am I violating any Rights you believe you have. Even though I am moderating the comment section, if I delete your comment, I am sorry. You may of course exercise your rights by screaming anything you want at the monitor or screen you are looking at, and can say anything you want to it. I don't mind.

When it comes to moderation, I do want to hear peoples opinions. Keep it positive, do not insult other readers, authors, companies, etc. Just stay positive, if you don't like a product that is fine. Lets keep the dialogue going. 

I am also going to apologize before hand right now. Its quite possible that with moderation, that I remove comments that really did not need to be, most likely as a result of someone else s comment. I do not like comment casualties, but they sometimes occur, its not intentional.

Codex Supplements
For those of you that have not noticed, I am very excited about codex supplements. There is just an amazing amount of directions that Games Workshop can go with these. Individual Companies for instance are just an amazing idea and I feel will be a huge success. With this we are able to really get into the meat of the army's supplement, and the room for expansions and coming back to the Chapter in question with future releases is always open.

Here are some directions I have been thinking of.......
Combined Army Supplements- Following rumors of a Book of Tzeentch (CSM and Chaos Daemons), or a Genestealer Cult (Tyranids and IG), I think there are lots of opportunities here.

Warzone or Themed Supplements- These could easily be a supplement of that included the forces that were part of a Campaign, like the Macharius Campaign, which could easily hold rules for minor factions/chapters within several codices.

Since we are moving into Space Marine Chapter companies, there are two, yes two very vital companies that I would love to see expanded upon. Deathwing and Ravenwing. These are two of the most iconic companies in the game, and a supplement that deals with both or one for each would be amazing.

The Armoured Company
Yea, I know, armor in 6th edition sucks. Well, I love tanks and have a lot of them, and will end up with more very soon. I have been working on a 2500pt list that includes not just 12-15 tanks, but a whopping 24 or 25 depending on which of the final varients I am going to settle on. Yea, it may seem extreme, but I just love these kinds of lists.

So how am I doing it? 25 tanks in 2500pts seems a little bit ludicrous. Well, to start with the theme is an Inquisitorial force, which makes Grey Knights my primary. So yes, Coteaz is involved and there are lots of Razorbacks (I own up to 10), and of course feeding into that are platoons.

Here is the weakest armour portion of the two lists
9 Razorbacks with Psybolt Heavy Bolters
8 Chimeras as part of two platoons and company command
4 Armoured Sentinels
4 Hydra Flakk Tanks

Inside is a rediculas amount of plasma guns 27
rediculas amount of melta 16
a lot of Autocannons on Sentinels, Hydras, and Heavy wpns

Lots of fun, lots of shooting.
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