Coming later this month, the Sentinels of Terra will be our first Space Marine codex supplement, and our first supplement with a new character in it. Sentinels of Terra will feature the 3rd company of the Imperial Fists, with Sergeant Garadon, with new Relics, Warlord Traits, and more.

Today we get to take a brief look at the Warlord Traits and Sergeant Garadon.

Please remember that until release, these are still considered to be rumors.

via Kyle over on 40k Radio

Sentinels of Terra New Character
Segeant Garadon is equipped with power armor, a power fist, frag grenades, krak grenades and the Spartean(Its a Relic of the 3rd Company).

Warlord Traits table
1. Siege Lord: Your Warlord, and his unit add a +1 to the result when rolling on the Building Damage Table.
2. Tenacious Opponent: Your Warlord has the It will not Die special rule.
3. Wise Commander: Whilst your Warlord is alive, you can choose to add or subtract one from any of your Reserve Rolls(state which before the dice is rolled)
4. Indomitable: If your warlord and his unit do not move in their Movement phase, then he and his unit has Fearless and Counter-attack special rules until the start of their next turn.
5. Architect of War: Whilst your Warlord is embarked inside a building, all damage rolls against that building suffer a -1 penalty, to a minimum of 1.
6. Fleet Commander: Once per game, your Warlord can call down an orbital strike in his Shooting phase. This counts as firing a ranged weapon with the profile below. Range: Infinite, S: 10, AP: 1, Ordnance 1, Barrage, Large Blast, Orbital. Orbital: If an arrow is rolled on the scatter dice, the blast marker scatters the full 2D6" - the Warlord's Ballistic Kill makes no difference.

* If Lysander is your Warlord,then he has Champion of Humanity Warlord trait(see Codex: Space Marines)
*If another Model is your Warlord from the Sentinels of Terra detachment is your Warlord, you can either roll on the Warlord Traits table in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook, or roll on the the table below.
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