There has been quite a bit out lately for Warhammer Fantasy, and with a new edition rumored for next year, it looks like we will seeing quite a bit more. Here are the latest rumors for Fantasy 9th edition, including what the starter set will be.

Please remember that these are rumors

via Tim on Faeit 212
-Warhammer Fantasy 9th Edition & new Starterset next Year
-Starterset becomes "Expansion set" & Mailorder Only special Edition
-Orks & Goblins first 9th editon Armybook

Starter Set of the 9th Edition Warhammer with following content
 -simplified Starter Rulebook

-"Armies of Warhammer", simplified Armylists for all
 -Orks and Goblins Army
--Ork Warboss
--New Goblinwarriors
--Ork Warriors

-Empire Army
--Captain of the Empire
--New Spearmen (new Design)
--New Musketeers (new Design)
--New Knights (new Design)

The Set becomes an Expansion with Magic as subject
 -Small Booklet with Magic Rules
-Additional Models for Mages and two Regiments
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