Strictly limited to 500 copies, the The Chaos Collection to be released in November (pre-orders sometime in October presumably), is a big unknown right now to most of us. Well, this hopefully answers what it is, and those of us within the hobby that are interested can now start setting aside some loose change for it.

please remember that these are rumors until we have an official announcement. so use your tiniest grains of salt on this one.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
I figured you interested in knowing what the Chaos Collection is, so here it is
-Magnetically sealed case, with artwork showing the Icons of the Chaos Space Marines and the Black Legion

-Each of the four books inside have the images of one of the 4 chaos gods, and can be displayed all laid out and combined into a larger full image. A large single Icon of all 4 chaos gods.

-The 4 hardback books are the following....
Chaos Space Marines codex
Chaos Daemons codex
Black Legion supplement
an unnamed folio inside which are 3 prints of the covers for the chaos books
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