Today Games Workshop announced that codex Inquisition will be released sometime next month (November). There was very little lead in or expectations that this was coming, with the exception of a hint from Forgeworld's latest Chapter Tactics updates for Space Marines. 

So what will the Inquisition be? Will it replace the Inquisition's current location in the Grey Knight codex? Will they be allies, or something new all together?

Lets first take a look at all the pieces of the puzzle, starting off with the official announcement. 

Official Announcement of Codex Inquisition

via the Black Library-Games Workshop: Digital Editions
This November, you will be able to download the brand newCodex: Inquisition. 

A full codex, packed with background and artwork on the forces of the Imperium’s most secretive and powerful organization. You’ll soon be able to field an Inquisitor and their retinue in any Imperial army in games of Warhammer 40,000.

You'll be able to ally this codex with any Imperial army.
you'll need to wait a little while for exact details on how the new book is going to work though.

Q: Will Codex:Inquisition be replacing Codex:Grey Knights then? Or act as a completely different entity?
Games Workshop: Digital Editions Codex: Grey Knights isn't being replaced, but this book means you don't need to use Grey knights to add inquisitors into any Imperial army.
- Eddie

Red Hunter Space Marine Chapter

via Forgeworld's Chapter Tactics Update
Mnemonic Redaction Protocols: All models with Chapter Tactics (Red Hunters) have the Adamantium Will special rule. In addition, once per game at the beginning of any one player turn, the controlling player may declare that a number of their units with Chapter Tactics (Red Hunters), including Dreadnoughts, equal to the number of the turn being played will have one of the following special rules, chosen by the controlling player, until the beginning of their next turn. For example, if the protocols are activated in Turn 3, then three units may choose a single special rule from the following to apply:
• Counter-attack
• Monster Hunter
• Tank Hunters
• Hatred
• Skyfire
• Interceptor

By this Seal: When using the Allies Matrix, all models in the Red Hunters detachment count units from Codex: Grey Knights and Sisters of Battle as Battle Brothers so long as an Inquisitor is also present in the allied detachment.

Adepta Sororitas Questions

via a reader on Faeit 212
Answers from Forgeworld regarding Adepta Sororitas not having Inquisitors
The Chapter Tactics update is fully up to date with the current codexes and is in fact future proofed. All we can say is that it is correct and the Red Hunters Chapter Tactics will make sense at a later date.

It becomes quite obvious that the Inquisition will be something all together new, and not an allied force of the Imperium. Instead they will be integrated into the Imperial detachments they are purchased for. This will open up allies to a whole new level, and give us something that we have not yet seen for 6th edition.

How this will be accomplished is still up for debate, but it can be assumed that Inquisitors and their retinues will be able to literally become part of an Imperial force and take up Foc slots within their detachment. This means Inquisitorial units within Imperal Guard, Space Marine, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Adepta Sororitas, and of course Grey Knights.

There could also be ways to completely run an Inquisition force as an entire detachment, but that is reaching a little beyond what we have heard so far.

This is a going to be a full codex. So what is going to be in it? Lets get the obvious out of the way..
New Warlord Traits
Lots of background
New Rules Leading or being apart of the Imperial forces
Characters and Retinue options
Expansions of the 3 current Ordos, and possibly the additions of more

I expect nothing else for this release, as far as new models goes. There may be new ways to field existing models making them new units, but brand new models would be another surprise and probably beyond what we will see.

So what will actually fill out this codex? Its quite possible there will be assassins in it, although we know nothing about this yet. If they are not included, I would be very excited as it would open the possibilities of another codex aimed at other organizations inside the Imperium, like The Officio Assassinorum, or even an expansion of the Adeptus Ministorum, also known as the Ecclesiarchy.

So what do you think? Nice surprise ending this year.... I cannot wait, and with the Imperial Guard only so many months out.........
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