For those that have seen these, and wanted them, they are back in a limited supply now (and look right now to be sold out again). Secret Objectives by Conversion Fanboy... Scott Shoemaker, are fantastic gaming aids for your secret objectives (for Mission 4 the Scouring), or just for your 40k game objective markers. If you have the mysterious objective dice, they can just sit in the center of the objective indicating the result of the mysterious objective.

Also very cool, are the Portal Glyphs he makes as well, and of course you can see them in the pics below.

Upon receiving these, I noticed there is a very little clean up on the model that needs to be done, and any bumps along the edges etc will take a scrape or two to smooth out to make them complete indistinguishable from the other markers. Great quality on these, and I will definitely be getting a lot of use with them.

As far as painting goes, that is where greater care will need to be done, and I am going to imagine that I will be painting them a very flat color with a spray or airbrush, so that there is not painting difference between the  differing point markers.

Scott has said on his site that international shipping is now available, and with limited supply on hand, getting these right away is essential. He has assured me though that he is making more, as quickly as he can, but remember he is just a one man operation.

Here is the link you need.

Here are the pics of the Secret Markers that I just received. The objective markers are exactly 1 1/2 inches in diameter, the perfect size for what we need.

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