It seems Games Workshop is now ready to give its expert advice on tactics on the tabletop. In fact they are releasing these as digital releases, and the first one is Tactica, Eldar Wraithknights. So if you are a little rusty, these may be for you.

I am of course very curious, and am considering getting this. If any of you already are getting it, please let me know what you think. There is a lot of bad advice out on the web when it comes to tactics, I will be curious how this one rates.

via Games Workshop
About this Series:
Even the lowliest units that fight on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium have the potential to achieve great deeds if they are properly employed; in the case of more powerful units, the capacity for making a game-winning impact is even greater. Each Tactica in this series provides expert guidance on using a specific unit in the most effective way possible on the tabletop, with advice ranging from the most efficient weapon configurations and optional upgrades to practical tips on target priority and how best to combine its efforts with other friendly units. 
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